To the Editor:

I could not believe my eyes when I read the article in the June 27 KDH, Our Texas, page A5, headlined “Firearms banned at Fourth of July parade.”

Our nation’s freedom was won with muskets and cannons aimed at the British king who tried to subjugate us.

Is this not what we celebrate on Independence Day?

The claim is that a clause in an insurance policy caused event organizers to ban all firearms, even replica muskets carried by Revolutionary Way re-enactors.

After all these years, why now?

This smells of liberal sour grapes enhanced with political correctness to me.

No guns.

No thanks.

I will find a true Independence Day celebration that has muskets, cannons, and renewed cries for freedom.

George Van Riper

Harker Heights

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My family and I are more at risk of being killed on I-35 than with a gun - common sense,. No, this was the result of absolute disdain for Grisham who schools Temple Cops. Politics. If officials cared about my family and others, they would do half the mess they do by placing financial burden on us via higher taxes for stupid ideas. They're running us in the ground with debt. Belton's Patriotic exhibition is just a show. They are planning to force hundreds of thousands of dollars on the taxpayers, using the Certificates of Obligation method that bypasses the the voters. Basically, stealing your money. Our armed military FIGHT and DIE to preserve the American voting system - not destroy it. Good Ol Boys of Belton are in it for themselves - recusing themselves from council meetings on an almost regular basis because they are tied to real estate deals or their family members. Conflicts of interest.

Dr Strangelove

Also you have all kinds of gun-control wackos that distort the facts when it comes to guns that have people afraid to walk out of their homes because in their minds they’re all kinds of gun nuts out there. Nothing could be further from the truth. In Texas you have many CHL’s holders carrying around you every day and you have no clue on who they are. You see that nice elderly lady in Wal-Mart/HEB she’s packing heat. Here are some facts gun-control wackos don’t want you to know:

Gun accidents and children

Any child’s death is tragic.

In 2006, 642 accidental firearm deaths in the entire country; a small portion of these involved children under age ten: 13 deaths involved children up to four years of age and 18 more deaths involved five to nine-years olds.

In comparison:
• 1305 children died in motor vehicle crashes
• 392 children died being struck by motor vehicles
• 651 children died in drowning
• 342 children killed by fire and burns
• Three times as many children drown in bathtubs each year than die from all types of firearm accidents. YES BATHTUBS—maybe we should ban them?

Mamma Griz

And with all sorts of people, nuts or otherwise, running around in the spectators one of them might be crazy enough to think that the guns were real and it's either me or them-- and it sure isn't going to be me.

Some people are so paranoid that they think that a white gun with orange trim is a dangerous weapon. About as dangerous as a bag of Skittles.


This was the doings of Belton Chamber Commerce and Grisham wanting to participate in the parade - Good Ol Boys shut them down and had to not only apply the rule to Grisham, but others as well. Exactly, I'll spend my money elsewhere. Its posturing when they say they are patriotic. Belton leaders are unAmerican.


@ Our nation’s freedom was won with muskets and cannons aimed at the British king who tried to subjugate us.

I have to agree with the writer, in that Our Country's Freedom, was won by muskets ,cannons and people who were willing to use them,(not all were) but they were given the chance to get out of town before the fighting started if they so chose, (many did run, but came back as soon as the fighting was over).

Even more of a need for the people to have the right to own our modern day type muskets and cannons,is due to the fact, The people don't only have A form of king /s at times to argue against in our present day government,but more foreign enemies then the people from Revolutionary times would have thought possible.
Many of these enemies have been allowed or invited into the country by the ruling factors in Washington D.C. by allowing No Borders to be enforced to at least try to protect the people. Some of these rulers, didn't want to Offend .

Where the honorable old guys from Revolutionary Days who became our 1st government, knew who they were looking for that were enroute to dis-arm and destroy our relatives and relations in the north east part of the country.
The citizens of the country now and especially our border states, don't have that luxury. Nearly every known type peoples of the world have been documented coming through our southern border and infiltrating through out the country. And more are getting ready to be invited in by some members of our government. The people truly face a ,enemy with-in situation,
The citizens would be considered absolute fools, not to realize the dangers that may face them and be prepared to defend IF the occasion called for it.

The fighters in the Revolutionary Days were going up against what was considered a civilized enemy. The citizens of today again would not have that luxury, The country's people are facing an un-civilized enemy who only understand power, and strength, murder and slaughter .
If that enemy is told the people of the U.S. are not to even be able to carry a replicate of a gun in a parade to celebrate the winning of the country's Freedom on the 4th of July , what's that telling them,
Either the people are fools who aren't trusted by their government, Or the ones who've made that decision are the fools.

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