To the Editor:

Today, the United States is more than twice as vulnerable to foreign oil imports as it was before the 1973 Arab Oil Embargo.

Jobs and a better economy are at the top of the priority list for Americans.

President Barack Obama could give Americans hundreds of thousands of jobs and hundreds of billions of dollars annually that now go to foreigners for foreign oil imports.

Since Obama was elected president, he has outsourced over $1.3 trillion in jobs and income to foreign countries for oil.

Obama should insource these jobs and income back to the United States.

Obama claims that biofuels can replace oil. He is wrong, of course.

Ethanol production peaked in 2011. Last year, ethanol production was 316,964 thousand barrels, less than 6 percent of our total oil demand of 5,538,344 thousand barrels. It is impossible for ethanol to be above 6 percent of total oil demand.

Seldon B. Graham Jr.


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Ignored by the main media including Fox news is the fact that both President Obama and Eric Holder both former church members of Rev Wrights church is he fact the Obama is hell bend on destroying white America i.e. is still G** damming white America by using the EPA to curse the USA .
Notice Obama wants to do away with Coal the USA has he most abundant Coal in the world.
And Obama supports wind farms are killing the Symbol of America the Eagle and Obama has gave them a 30 year kill zone on the national bird.

Fact is we all including the black folks most whom are so racist that they fail to notice that they too are the victims of Obama anti white American policy .

And he knows from the Ukraine experience the US needs the Pipeline but he puts it off so as to hurt the USA and punish America for being under white control.

Fact is Obama is a racist whom is using his office to G** dam the USA.
and is using all in his power zone to hurt the USA. including black Americans .
The media is ignoring the fact that Obama is not a legal citizen and has no business being he President .Proof is not in birth certificate but in a DNA of Obama or his children as the CIA has information that Obama Mother was not a white women but a black women in Kenya.
The destruciton of Obama favorite tool to punish the USA the EPA must be abolished so we will be fee to prosper and use he blessing that GOD gave us to prosper .
the best question on the next President is will they keep the EPA to curse us or will the next President abolish bless the USA.?

Mamma Griz

Smithjr38:: Where were YOU born? Are YOU a legal citizen? President Obama was born in Hawaii-- which had become a state before he was born. Therefor, he was born in the United States of America. And where is your proof that his mother was not a white woman. And how could she be a black woman in Kenya when he was born in Hawaii? His father has the same first name as he does, and his father's mother was a black woman in Kenya.

Abolish the EPA? Maybe YOU want to live in a country so blank polluted that you can't breathe the clean air that GOD gave us to breathe, but I sure don't want to breathe the nasty air you want to breathe.


"The media is ignoring the fact that Obama is not a legal citizen"

...I really wish people would stop with the “birther” stuff, already! However, I do understand the confusion.

I saw the article published in the 1991 booklet by Acton & Dystel promoting authors including a brief biography of soon-to-be author Barack Obama saying he was “born in Kenya and raised in Indonesia and Hawaii.” It even had a picture of a person who looks just like the president’s son… that is, if he had a son.

But, just because his bio says he was born in Kenya does not mean he was born in Kenya. Although, I understand how someone could jump to that conclusion since the biographies in the booklet were either “obtained” from or “approved” by the individual authors before the booklet was put into print. Still, that does not mean the bio is factual.

I know… I know. You are going to say “Well if it isn’t true, then, that means Obama lied!” You may even come up with some ridiculous reason for him to lie. Like, so he can go to college in the US as a foreign exchange student at the tax payer's expense.

I swear. You Obama haters will come up with anything to try and make him look bad. But, there is no there, there.

Dude! That was how many years ago? Why are we still talking about this?

Now, get back in line, Comrade. You are holding up progress.


Another good explanation to the people Roody2---

I'm almost convinced that Obama may even know the meaning of the word Comrade,
and could have heard it many times, from friends. [smile]



Thank you, fellow Comrade.

Stay focused. I heard the Republicans are using "diversion and subterfuge" so we won't know what they are really up to.

We need to do everything we can to reveal their evil plot! [wink]


The simple fact is... There's more money to be made by making oil scarce rather than abundant.

Which is possibly why you don't hear about Thomas Gold's theory that oil IS a renewable source. (As in the case of Eugene Island 330 off the coast of Louisiana)

Instead, the media pushes "global warming" (aka climate change) as fact. Which, by the way, it's been exposed that the scientists adjusted the data to match their theory (aka agenda).

It's pretty obvious. We are acting like sheep and we are getting sheared.

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