To the Editor:

America is hurting and grieving. Violence and hatred should never be an American value. Every religion on earth tells us to love one another. Why can’t we have love, affection and respect for one another?

Why do we continue to throw insults at each other? Why not give each other a handshake or a hug? Why do we listen with our fists and not our hearts?

We talk about civility, but we can’t or won’t carry through. We are tired of the strife, the mendacity, the meanness and the cruelty. What is the plan to heal our pain and move forward?

Have we learned nothing from the hatred and violence of mail bombs, shootings and bombings in churches and synagogues, heinous murders in a gay nightclub, in schools and hating anyone who is not like us?

Can’t we just stop for, even a moment, and listen to ourselves and others — can’t we rid ourselves of the somber implications of discord and hatred?

Can’t we embrace our differences and not allow them to become a source of animas? Decency and respect have been gravely wounded. We are all sons and daughters of this spectacular and beautiful country. We cannot survive with fear from others and the fear within us.

Can’t we light a candle to blot out this darkness? Where is our redemption?

Randy Broussard


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Isa 59:8 and Ro 3:17 answers your question.

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