To The Editor:

I couldn’t help notice at 6:30 p.m., March 1, at Highway 1670 ramp, a half dozen cars were using their turning signals at ramp, yield sign, and intersection — except for one driver.

It could have been because they had spotted a deputy on the access road, who by the way, carelessly felt no need to use a turn signal at the first stop sign and then at the second stop sign, especially 100 feet from them.

What does it say when the public obeys the law, but not the servant of the law?

This time I am going to let the deputy (#D10 1485, plate: 108 4224) off with just a warning and hope that the deputy remembers to do the same for motorists who fail to use their turn signals.

It is only fair that the new and improved Lange-run Bell County Sheriff’s Department be a shining example of the law now that they are ticketing motorists within the city limits.

Joe Trevino Jr.


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Baylor, I hope I'm wrong but it seems like you just might be threatening Joe and that is unacceptable in the USA.


Tremendous amount of folks not real happy, Joe.

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