To the Editor:

Trust is a firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone.

A conductor (the president) must come to the podium (the presidency) with a complete vision of where he wants to take the members of his orchestra (citizens).

Mutual trust between conductor and orchestra is necessary to make the musical narrative flow to reach that vision that both wish to reach.

The conductor waves his baton and the orchestra sends back musical notes to which the conductor listens, absorbs, and understands all these notes and the impact of his baton.

It is not power or coercion, but rather it is trust that the conductor gestures, and the orchestra feels, understands and responds to that gesture.

Trust between conductor and orchestra is the way that makes a beautiful piece of music come together.

If the conductor does not trust, he compensates with bigger gestures of his baton.

The orchestra cannot understand these over the top gestures causing disharmony and muddled music. Conducting is like holding a small bird in your hand.

Hold it too tight and you crush it.

Hold it too loose and it flies away. When a conductor trusts himself, he feels that he can add value to the outcome and also trusts the individual members will also add value.

No trust results in broken relationships in the bass, cello and violin sections.

The music (democracy) withers and dies.

Randy Broussard


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