To the Editor:

If you believe love, compassion, grief, and forgiveness are strictly human emotions and traits, you would be wrong. Wolves share them, too.

No species on the planet is more like ourselves than wolves.

Let me tell you about my favorite Yellowstone wolf, 926F. Initially, her admirers called her “Spitfire;” however, when she became the 926th Yellowstone wolf to be collared, she became more popularly known as “926F.”

In the wolf world, she was royalty. She was the alpha female of the park’s famous Lamar Canyon Pack. She was also the daughter of Yellowstone’s legendary “06”— the most famous wolf in the world.

In March 2015, 926F’s mate, Big Grey, sacrificed himself to allow her and their pups to escape from a rival pack. After escaping, she was left alone, grief-stricken, pregnant, and with six half-grown pups to care for. Yellowstone’s wolf watchers doubted she and her pups would survive.

Then, the unexpected happened. Four bachelors from the pack that had killed her mate suddenly appeared and cornered her. Everyone thought they would kill her.

But 926F was the quintessential wolf when it came to intelligence and survival skills. She astounded everyone, including the four big male wolves, by what she did next — she wagged her tail and flirted with them. She instantly won their hearts! They stayed with her and later brought her food while she nursed her newborn pups.

For the sake of her pups, she knew she had to forgive and get on with her life.

One male, a handsome wolf named Twin, became her mate, and he adopted the new born pups and an older pup as his own although he had fathered none of them.

Wolves aren’t so different from humans. Being highly intelligent and social, they could even teach us some things.

Waldo Montgomery


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