To the Editor:

If you are a property owner outside of your city’s limits or within your city’s ETJ (extraterritorial jurisdiction), it’s in your best interest to support ending forced annexation through the petition process underway.

Defending liberty under the law is a matter of protecting your freedom and property without more government intrusion.  

For petition information, go or

Taxpayers need to know that probably the easiest way to have an impact to make change is through “the ballot initiative.”  

It provides regular citizens a chance to be part of the checks and balances of government.

Furthermore, attempting initiatives that limit local government power comes with obstacles because officials have something to lose — especially if your elected officials are real estate agents or owners of development, building and construction companies.  

Taxpayer-funded lobbyists are even sent to Austin to fight against the people.

After our annexation, I’m convinced that the difference between thieves and politicians is that thieves go to jail.

Politicians figure out how to steal it legally.

Joe Trevino Jr.


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The writer gave wrong address. The correct one is here: There is a button ‘Where Can I sign?’ Leave info and someone will drive a petition out to your location or deliver you a set so you can get people to sign. Gov Greg Abbot called forced annexation untexan, tyranny by government that would’ve made old king George proud. I’ve seen my neighbors move because annexation causing tax increase. The same elected official who voted to annex had their real estate sign in that property later. [sleep]

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