To the Editor:     

Would you hire a truck driver to sell your farm goods overseas? The USDA did. Would you hire a cabana attendant to market your farm goods? The USDA did.

Would you ask a radio announcer what type of fertilizer you should use on your land? The USDA wanted Sam Clovis, radio personality, to be its chief scientist.

Would you hire a wedding planner to help manage your rental properties? Dept. of Housing and Urban Development did.

Would you hire a lawyer who has only three years’ experience and has never tried a case to defend you in court? Such a lawyer has just been appointed to a lifetime position on a federal bench.

Would you hire a massage therapist to advise you on what energy needs your business would require? Trump appointed a massage therapist to the Energy Department.

As a small-business owner, would you hire your worst enemy to guard your properties? Trump’s State Department just hired a former KGB Russian agent, a Soviet double agent and former boss to Vladimir Putin to provide security for U.S. embassies and U.S. consulates in several cities in Russia.

The electorate wanted to elect someone different. What we got was the most incompetent, narcissistic and dangerous, egotistical man with his finger on the nuclear codes.

Randy Broussard


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It's still an improvement over Clinton.


He doesn't appoint dozens of "czars" like your hero, Obozo.

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