To the Editor:

I found Gary Caraway’s article listed under “Reader poses a few key questions sheriff’s candidates should answer” on Oct. 28 to be unfocused and demonstrating a clear lack of knowledge of issues already made public by Republican Eddy Lange and Democrat Frank Hernandez as well as of the responsibilities a sheriff assumes.

Mr. Caraway’s purpose was unclear to me.

First, he lamented Mr. Lange’s ability to head a “police department.”

Clearly, the endorsement of both the local and the state Fraternal Order of Police belies this opinion.

The staff who would be guided by Mr. Lange’s leadership appears to have confidence in him. A sheriff is primarily an administrator, and Mr. Lange’s resume includes both police experience and county administration.

Two-thirds of the letter focused more on Mr. Caraway’s disappointment in the results of the Republican spring primary and the summer run-off elections than it did on pertinent issues and candidate qualifications for the Nov. 6 election.

If Mr. Caraway attended any of the public forums at which the two sheriff candidates presented themselves and their views, he would know the answers to the questions he posed or would certainly have had the opportunity to query the candidates.

He even took the Killeen Daily Herald to task by suggesting they “could help educate the public if they could get the candidates to answer specific questions.” That’s already happened.

It’s difficult to believe that on Oct. 28, a registered voter who seriously wants to know the answers to the six questions posed in his letter has not had ample time and resources to know these answers.

It is the responsibility of each voter to proactively educate oneself on the issues and on the skills, talents and values of all candidates before casting ballots and not to expect to be spoon-fed this information.

Diane Waite


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Dr Strangelove

Mr. Lange wants to order his Officers to give out more tickets to make more money for the Sheriff’s Department —he will not get my vote!

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