To The Editor:

Hats off to the Temple Daily Telegram for reporting on Belton Police Officer Gene Cole’s conduct and track record (Jan. 17).

Cole’s refusal to take an animal disturbance call because he was preoccupied conversing with a woman about her body parts is a disgrace.

Equally disturbing is the fact that Cole cursed when an animal-complaint came in and revealed the animal-disturbance complainant’s name.

It’s a good thing Cole wasn’t an Atlanta officer when vicious dogs attacked children.

When taxpayers realize that their hard-earned money is spent keeping rogues onboard, they might reconsider the council members they voted for, because it is up to them ultimately to hold bad cops accountable.

Would the City Council allow its employees to curse and refuse to do their job, talk to women about their body parts, use company time/equipment for personal needs and lack productivity?

Allowing Cole to remain a police officer after refusing to do the job he was hired to do — serve and protect — is a reflection on the City Council’s character. This is not the first time members have turned their heads from doing what is right.

The fact that Cole’s record documents a list of violations, misconduct, insubordination — leaving the city limits while on duty to take care of his own personal needs, sitting in his car texting rather than helping a disabled motorist, hiding in the H-E-B parking lot while on duty —  counseled for a lack of productivity — and being allowed to stay on the force shows how sick the City Council is.

It also shows the blatant hypocrite the city manager is for firing good employees because they disagreed with his bright ideas.

The whole head is sick!

Joe Trevino Jr.


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