To the Editor:

Many people voted for Donald Trump because they thought he was a great businessman who repeatedly said he knew only the “best people.”

His personal lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty and is going to prison. George Papadopoulos, Trump’s adviser, pleaded guilty and was sent to prison. Rick Gates, assistant campaign chair, pleaded guilty and is going to prison. Michael Flynn, National Security Adviser, pleaded guilty and is going to prison.

Paul Manafort, head of Trump’s campaign, pleaded guilty and is going to prison.

Cindy Yang, former owner of a spa that has been charged with sex trafficking, is a board member of two communist organizations.

Alex Van Der Zwaan, an associate of Gates and Manafort, pleaded guilty and went to prison.

Roger Stone, self-admitted trickster and Trump’s adviser, has been indicted. Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted pedophile and friend was described by Trump as a “fun guy” and whose friendly lawyer, Alex Acosta, is the newly appointed secretary of Labor.

In Trump’s first two years, there have been 89 criminal indictments, 24 convictions and multiple prison sentences.

Let’s not forget Trump’s other great business acumen. Trump casinos — shut down. Trump magazine — shut down. Trump university— shut down. Trump airlines — shut down. Trump water — shut down. Trump steaks — shut down. Trump’s multiple bankruptcies.

Remember, Trump said he would run the government like he ran his companies — shut down the government, left workers unpaid, and blamed everyone else.

All these people describe a cesspool — certainly not the “best people.”

Raymond Arsenault


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