Belton reader questions objective of missile strike on Syrian airbase

To the Editor:

The recent chemical attack by Syria that killed almost 100 men, women, and children was horrible, despicable and certainly against international law.

In response, Trump ordered a “reprisal” with 59 Tomahawk missiles. We fired those missiles and exactly hit the targets assigned to those missiles.

However, the attack had zero effect in destroying the airbase. Russian & Syrian airplane specialists handling the planes were not killed.

The effect of the strike was exactly what was planned. We did not strike any of the chemical weapons stored there, although we have the weapons to do that.

Indeed, no missiles were aimed to destroy them. We hit a few planes but didn’t even bomb the runways.

The Syrians were flying those Russian planes from there within 24 hours. We did not kill any Russians because we told them in advance, who told the Syrians and all the Russian and Syrian personnel were evacuated from the area enabling them to return the next day and fly again.

What was our objective? Did we plan for failure? The Syrians kill civilians daily with conventional bombs. Using chemical weapons was a strategic plan by (Syrian President Bashar al-) Assad in coordination with the Russians. Assad does nothing without the Kremlin’s permission.

The Trump response was to break up some concrete and damage and destroy a few planes. Putin is now increasing air support for Syria.

What is Trump’s plan/doctrine for this horrible conflict?

Oh, I forgot — he never tells his intentions to anyone.

Raymond Arsenault


Killeen reader asks whether U.S. has decided to embrace dictators

To the Editor:

Have we now decided to embrace dictators?

Russia has manipulated our politics just as they are in Canada, Germany, Ukraine, France and other countries.

Russia is actively trying to destroy our democratic republic and implement a system of authoritarian rule by the very rich.

We are being hit by so much misinformation and partisan ideology many people are throwing up their hands in disgust.

The United States was attacked in a cyberwarfare operation that originated from the highest levels of the Kremlin and it is ongoing.

Our democratic republic has survived many atrocious events, but I am doubtful we will survive this assault when so many have been led to believe that autocratic rule and a dictatorship is a acceptable path for our freedom loving country.

You would worship a Russian dictator over our Constitution?

I value my freedoms. Do you?

Sandra Blankenship


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Gary Caraway

I enjoyed reading Mr. Arsenault's letter. I didn't find anything false in what he said. He knows that 59 missiles were fired on Syria. That's a lot more than the "Commander in Chief" knows. I look forward to more thoughtful letters from Mr. Arsenault

Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! Sandra Blankenship your letter is an orgy of buffoonery; another democrat zombie hoodwinking American voters.


"Zero effect in destroying the airbase" and "didn't even bomb the runway." I'm no fan on Trump's action, but ignorant discourse like this is partially what got us here. Those phrases betray a total misunderstanding of what happened, and confirm that you have absolutely no business speaking on the subject
The attack targeted hardened bunkers, planes, and very expensive radar equipment. Irreplaceable hardware that certainly had the Syrian Air Force feeling the squeeze after a loss of very costly equipment.
Of course flights were going to continue. We "didn't even bomb the runway" because a runway destroyed by a cruise missile only take a day of work and some concrete to get back in action. You think we should be spending tens of millions of dollars to make some potholes in one out of several airfields?
Now I'm not a subject matter expert in military strikes either, but my point is this: far too many people believe they have the expertise from reading a news article to Monday morning quarterback incredibly complex military decisions as if were simple, both in favor of and against President Trump's policies. This attitude of "I could do better than those stupid generals" is what got us in this situation of being ruled by a demagogue. So the least you could do is read a few things before attempting to get your thoughts published in a news article or justifying your voting decisions based on a knee jerk reaction.

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