To the Editor:

Trust is not earned through lying and corruption.

Nov. 8 — Gen. Michael Flynn writes an op-ed in The Hill newspaper that our ally Turkey needed help.

Nov. 11 — Daily Caller (conservative news organization) publishes report Flynn is

 tied to Turkish government.

Nov. 15 — Cable news reports Flynn is paid lobbyist for Turkey.

Nov. 18 — Congress sends letter to Vice President-elect Mike Pence linking Flynn to Turkey lobbying.

Nov. 18 — Flynn’s own lawyer informed transition team twice that Flynn was lobbying for Turkey and might have to register as a foreign agent.

Nov. 18 — President-elect Donald Trump names Flynn as National Security Adviser in spite of all this public knowledge.

March 9 — Pence (transition head) said he was never aware of anything even after being told about lobbying efforts by Flynn’s lawyer as well as public information in newspapers and on public and cable news channels.

This administration continues the KGB modus operandi of deny, discredit and attack.

Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions admitted that Flynn was actually vetted by the Trump administration and the White House did do a background check on Flynn in addition to his security clearance before he became National Security Adviser.

The White House has admitted it knew about Flynn’s lobbying prior to the inauguration and still allowed him to attend highly classified intelligence briefings.

Trump, Pence, Sessions, spokesman Sean Spicer and Flynn all lied. Our national security depends upon honesty, integrity and credibility — not with perpetual lies and corruption.

Randy Broussard


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Dr Strangelove

It appears that the same people that write Letters to the Editor always write fake news—so no we don’t post about non-facts from fake news. All this guy did was a copy and paste from Occupy Snowflakes on Facebook.


It appears that the same people who always comment never let FACTS get in their way. However, they never present facts, but are great at obfuscation.


Sure is a good thing Obama or comrade Hillary never lied,huh.

Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery! This is posted all over Facebook come on dude?

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