To the Editor:

Does anyone care that the retirement age for Medicare will probably change to 70 years old? That Medicare will be substantially cut by new tax laws? That 13 million people will lose health care? That 9 million children will have no health insurance coverage due to the CHIP program ending? That your health care premiums will rise 100 percent over 10 years due to the new tax scam? That gun violence is running rampant with zero action from Congress to protect U.S. citizens?

Does anyone care that Texas government is dependent on the federal gov. for one-third of its budget? That our environment is being damaged and our national parks are being destroyed? That our country is being diminished internationally? That Social Security will be drastically changed and not to your benefit? That Medicaid changes could result in residents being thrown out of nursing homes?

Our instinct as humans is to heal wounds — to open our hearts, look down the length of our arms and reach out with our hands to care for the poor, help the sick, welcome the stranger, and feed the hungry. We need to hold hands with each other to work for a better 2018. These are not solely Christian, Islamic, Buddhist or other religious values. These are human values.

Randy Broussard


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