To the Editor:

I recently spoke to a Republican soybean farmer in Central Texas. He was telling me that his profit margins for soybeans have always been minimal.

Mexico and China have both imposed trade tariffs on soybeans in response to the trade tariffs started by Trump.

This farmer told me that he thinks he will be out of business by this fall.

This farmer has a friend who is a pig farmer. This farmer is very concerned that the trade tariffs might put him out of business as well.

In 2017, trade between Mexico and the US was $187 billion and accounted for 385,000 Texas jobs. U.S. farmers stand to lose $360 million in pork exports.

Under NAFTA, Texas exports to Mexico increased by 377 percent. Now NAFTA is in total flux because Trump does not like NAFTA, calling it “the worst deal” in U.S. history.

The Texas economy is dependent on world trade. When one threatens and bullies our trading partners, they will respond to protect themselves.

Our farmers and the Texas economy will suffer. No one wins.

Raymond Arsenault


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