To the Editor:

During Hurricane Harvey, there were thousands upon thousands of wonderful people from all over the United States that came to Houston and the surrounding miles to help.

Churches offered space, compassion, and healing. The Muslim community opened their mosques for refugees. They even held their services outdoors so refugees could continue to stay inside where it was safe and dry. And then there is “Pastor” Joel Osteen. During and after the hurricane, he sat in his $10 million homestead and did nothing. He did not offer his 17,000-seat church to anyone.

It wasn’t until days after the storm and pressure from the media that this fake Christian finally relented and opened the doors to refugees. Then to add insult to injury, this Prosperity Preacher, with an estimated wealth of $60 million, had the audacity to pass the “plate” among the refugees. During a crisis, people respond with empathy, compassion and assistance. Then there is Joel Osteen.

Randy Broussard


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