To The Editor:

Not only Belton, but the state of Texas taxpayers are being duped again.

While numerous Texas Commission on Environmental Quality reports continue to publish unhealthy conditions of Nolan Creek with E. coli bacteria, listing it as “un-wadeable,” Belton officials quietly continue their irresponsible scheme to put people in the creek.

Many of us lifelong Belton residents have continually echoed the same TCEQ concerns over quality of water and pollution since our Oklahoma-native mayor and city manager began an inner-tubing idea, which still never justifies costs and return on investment.  

We know that their boondoggle is included in their $6.8 million bond, forced upon taxpayers.

We know they’ve taken thousands of dollars in donations; and money from the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone will be used to put people in the creek.

We know $20k was given to a Colorado firm to study the creek and put objects in the creek to create fake rip-rap.

We know that Belton is sitting on a $100k grant to put people in the creek.

We know our officials want to pour $1.5 million into Nolan Creek inner-tubing.

We know $41k was budgeted for the creek.  

What we don’t know is the millions of dollars it will cost to raise the creek level, pipe in potable water, and what has been wasted already on staff to create this boondoggle as well as cost of heavy equipment that will disturb natural creek bottom and banks.  

This is a total waste of money and puts the public in danger.

Why is Belton not warning the public of E. coli effects or using the money to clean the creek instead of wasting millions to put families in the creek?  

I don’t know what is more slick — officials or the creek bottom.  

Joe Trevino Jr.


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