To the Editor:

America is in pain following the Charlottesville tragedy.  This pain calls out for morale clarity to reassure and calm the American people.  Normally, the job of delivering morale clarity falls on the office of the president; sadly, President Trump is morally unfit to deliver presidential morale obligations.  As Americans, we need to accept that President Trump is morally unfit and destructive to American values. We need to take it upon ourselves to speak out against hate groups and divisive behaviors, not for revenge, or power. No, we need to come on out for the sake of morality.  Morality is necessary to push back on President Trump’s ceaseless attacks on our fragile democracy and American values. His conscious attacks on what makes America great should have a name. I would deem it fit to call it “ Trumpenstein.”

Art Resa


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As if "Morally fit" Bill and Hil would have been so much better in the Whitehouse.

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