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Belton reader says Sen. Ted Cruz’s actions were merely showboating


To the Editor:

Crazy Cruz are the only words I can conjure up to describe Sen. Ted Cruz’s attempt to bring our government to a shutdown.

In reality, it was nothing more than showboating by Cruz to garner political points with Republican primary voters.

I do give him credit for garnering points. He doubled campaign money donations this last fundraising deadline.

But raising this kind of money on the backs of hardworking everyday Americans is dead wrong.

Add to that, what happened to the supposed Republican strategy of reaching out and being more inclusive for the next presidential election?

To that question, I have to say it went out the window with Hispanic voters.

Traditionally, Hispanics have a great disdain for the “patron” mentality.

And patron mentality is exactly what Cruz’s behavior showed the past few months by pandering to a small group within the Republican Party.

What Hispanics and voters in Texas need to know, is that Sen. Cruz has nothing in common with Texas; in fact, he was born in Canada and is of Cuban descent and dropped in Texas.

I’m sure some people will take offense to my comments and name calling of Cruz — and to those I am willing to change my verbiage from Crazy Cruz to Loco Cruz.

Art Resa