To the Editor:

There is a lot of discussion about transgender persons. President Trump recently sent out one of his infamous tweets and Gov. Abbott is obsessed with transgender folks and bathrooms. Abbott has never identified any incident in which a transgender person has assaulted anyone in a bathroom.

 However, there is incident after incident of a transgender person being assaulted and murdered. Abbott/Trump are simply supplying a solution to which there is no problem.

Neither of them let facts get in the way of ignorance and politics. Every reputable medical and psychiatric group has condemned this obvious discrimination.

Perhaps Abbott should address real Texas problems such as education, teacher pay, maternal deaths, abused children, infrastructure and access to health care. Assaults on women in bathrooms have been committed by heterosexual perverts and sexual assaulters dressed as women—not transgendered folk.

Each of us has probably been in the same bathrooms with transgenders—you never had a clue because nothing ever happened.

Robert Shirtliff was a transgender soldier in the Revolutionary War. A retired member of Seal Team 6 which was instrumental in killing Osama Bin Laden is a transgender who deployed 13 times, earned a Bronze Star and Purple Heart. I dare Trump or Abbott to deny this soldier the use of an appropriate bathroom.

Randy Broussard


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Dr Strangelove

I never had a problem with gays serving in the military I served with them since I was 18 years; if they can do the mission let them serve. I don’t have a problem with transgender serving but here we have some problems.

That traitor that was just released from Fort Leavenworth Military Prison entered a man; released as a woman! We the American Taxpayer paid for his sex change—I don’t think we should waste tax dollars paying the operation and drugs they must take. Here’s another problem: Deployments; If I’m deploying a Platoon of Troopers to a combat zone and next thing the 1SG says, “Private Jones will not be deploying.” Why First Sergeant?” “He’s making that transition from male to female with the drug treatments and operation he can’t deploy.” So now one of my Teams is down a Trooper because of this. Don’t think this can happen?

Didn’t have Troopers deploy to Desert Shield because they were HIV Positive.


Our governor and the legislature are concerned about males using the same restrooms in public schools as females and going into the same shower rooms. Isn't this just common sense?...They also don't believe it is fair or equitable for a male to compete against females in sports.
The majority of Texans agree with Abbott and our legislature, even though the loud, left, liberals will raise a fuss about it. I do hope common sense prevails.


Belton writer is also mental. Belton is run by greedy partial crooks and he's worried about where a mentally ill person wants to take a dump.


These persons are mentally ill.

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