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The Wizard of Oz reminds us to look behind the curtain to see the deception and find the truth. Wizard Trump says he wants to strengthen background checks. How can this be done when he has purged tens of thousands of law enforcement records from the background system? His recently released budget CUTS millions from the background system. A person used to be a “fugitive from justice” if they had outstanding warrants. Trump changed that. Now you must have fled across state lines to be so classified. Unless you cross state lines to avoid prosecution, you can still legally buy a weapon of war.

Trump asked the Justice Department to change the rules on bump stocks. Their answer was “Stocks of this type are not subject to the provisions of federal firearms statutes.

The Wizard Trump is again hiding behind the curtain.

I live near a couple with a mentally ill son. There is a gun in that house, The police have been called several times for physical and family abuse. The father has even been arrested for fighting with the son.

There is STILL a gun in that house. Moms and Dads, are we waiting for another tragedy. The lives of our children are at stake.

Betty Barton


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The writer is obviously another brain dead liberal who has no idea what "a weapon of war" is.


Civilians cannot legally acquire military weapons. So when you use the term "weapon of war", you are parroting the highly inaccurate phrasing of the liberal left, used to terrorize and frighten the population into siding with them. The actual truth is that the vast majority of firearms available in the retail market and in the possession of citizens are NOT "weapons of war", or anything similar.

Having an outstanding warrant is insufficient reason to confiscate firearms or other property. Your attention is invited to the 5th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States. Citizens are entitled to due process; we a re a nation of laws, not wild brownshirts burning books. Right?

As for your neighbor, there re multiple sets of rules in place regarding the possession of firearms by those convicted of domestic violence, and possession by the mentally ill. They are present in federal and state law. You should discuss your concerns with the sheriff.

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