To the Editor:

 The current administration is in total chaos. The Cabinet is packed with Goldman Sachs and billionaires who have very questionable reputations, and the Senate does not seem to care.

Kellyanne Conway stated that Gen. Michael Flynn had the “complete confidence” of Trump and one hour later Sean Spicer says that the “situation” was under review.

Flynn lied to the vice president and resigned as national security adviser and now we learn that the White House was told by the Justice Department in January that Flynn had talked to the Russians about the sanctions.

We wonder why the administration said nothing about this knowledge this last month and why was this man not fired immediately.

Consider that this man could have been comprised by the Russians. What will be the next scandal?

The boss is not a leader.

Randy Broussard


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The people will believe what the media tells them they believe- George Orwell

Heights Teacher

I agree with you completely. But the republicans made their bed. Let them lie in it for a few years.

Dr Strangelove

The only chaos I see is you left-wing snowflakes; seems you people are in panic mode.


By "chaos" are you referring to the lies and fake news from our propaganda media? Are you referring to the democrat paid professional rioters? The only chaos is in your little left wing fantasy land mind.


More looney rants from the left. Fortunately, the libs lost.


Oh, please.

Spare us your ramblings. You LOST. Move on.

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