To the Editor:

Re: Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 Rally

More than a dozen pro-wildlife organizations are sponsoring a Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 rally in Gardiner, Mont., June 28-29. This event is being billed as an opportunity for the American people to unite and demand wildlife management reform at both the state and federal levels.

The organizations sponsoring the rally see it as an important step towards stopping the wolf slaughter currently taking place across the United States and an opportunity to address the root-cause(s). After being rescued from the brink of extinction, about 3,000 wolves have been killed since they were partially removed from the Endangered Species List in five states where 97 percent of the wolf population lives. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is presently considering a proposal to remove federal protection for most wolves nationwide despite the fact that an independent peer review unanimously found that the proposed delisting ruling was not based on the best available science.

Event organizers say wildlife management in America needs to catch up with the science of the 21st century and the ever changing demographics and values of all Americans. The status quo for wildlife management in America is broken and it must be fixed.

Go to for specific details which Speak for Wolves organizers say are the five keys to reforming wildlife management in America:

1. Restructuring the way state Fish & Game departments operate:

2. Removing grazing from all federal public lands:

3. Abolishing Wildlife Services:

4. Banning trapping/snaring on all federal public lands:

5. No killing of predators, except for extreme circumstances:

It’s time for all Americans who love wildlife and wild places to unite and demand wildlife management reform at the state and federal levels. To get started, support the Speak for Wolves: Yellowstone 2014 rally. I already have my plane ticket and hotel reservations. I hope to see you there.

Waldo Montgomery


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