To the Editor:

Belton taxpayers need to show up and vote “No” on Belton Independent School District’s insane 149.7-MILLION-DOLLAR bond proposal. I normally support educational issues, but this one I will not.

Especially the families who were caught up in the BISD phishing scam and burdened because their income tax returns were withheld. Not to mention each spouse having to wade through the lengthy process and use their vacation time to travel to federal office. BISD did the minimum to assist; now they need your help.

Belton taxpayers need to understand that we are currently in debt by $123,289,996.

School officials are now wanting an additional $149,700,000. If they get what they want, the combined principal (owed) is $272,989,996. Add interest, which comes to $203,358,444.

The total payout, or what taxpayers will be in debt with, will be a whopping $476,348,490! Outrageous and bold!

BISD officials recently reported that taxes would go up $254 for home owners; however, that figure is the average value of a home for last year.

But, because the value of your home will go up this year, the increase could be even more. Some families will get a $500, $600 or more tax increase.

This is a very large bond proposal and means a pretty hefty tax increase. Property values have gone up this year by quite a bit and we will have increased tax rates.

Those tax bills are going to skyrocket with those two factors.

The increased values already mean more tax revenue for the schools ... where does it stop?

BISD’s money-grubbers need to go back to the drawing board. Costs could be dramatically cut if they were responsible and cared more. They could begin cutting costs with their extravagant architectural schemes.

Cutting exorbitant salaries, starting with top officials, down to elimination of useless staff like the communications director.

BISD officials know the working class rarely vote.

This year, the working class needs to exercise their privilege and vote “No” on the school bond.

Our children will be paying this debt for decades after the irresponsible perps are long gone.

Joe Trevino Jr.


Spokesman calls attention to National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

To the Editor:

April 30 is “National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day,” and with an estimated 6.5 million pets entering shelters every year, there’s no shortage of furry friends looking for a new home.

One way everyone can help shelter animals —whether or not we’re able to adopt one — is by supporting local shelters with donations.

Unfortunately, like the animals they care for, shelters are often quite in need.

Despite common misconceptions, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and ASPCA are not umbrella organizations for local humane societies or SPCAs; and they give very little of the hundreds of millions of dollars they collect to local shelters.

Only 1 percent of the money given to the Humane Society of the United States trickles down to local pet shelters while the group spends millions on ads, which local groups can’t afford.

To get the most out of charity, make sure to donate to your local shelter. Money, time or supplies can make all the difference to needy animals in your neighborhood.

Will Coggin

Research director

Center for Consumer Freedom

Washington, D.C.

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Psalms 37:21 “The wicked borrow and do not repay”?

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