To the Editor:

Since TxDOT four times denied funding Belton’s Boondoggle-Bridge-to-Nowhere, officials continue to employ every subterfuge they know to control the outcome.

The new scheme now for the bridge that will primarily serve the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor campus and football stadium is to fund it by tax increases.

Belton’s obstinate officials are a mere “funnel,” by which millions of tax dollars have poured into enhancements for the religious “tax-exempt” organizations they affiliate with; they’ll use any means necessary to get-get-get.

The latest example is seen in their hand-picked 2013 Capital Improvements Committee.

The demographic makeup of the 20-member C.I.P. Committee follows: ONE African-American from South Belton; ONE Caucasian from South Belton; EIGHTEEN North Belton Caucasians and ZERO Hispanics, even though Belton has a 30 percent Hispanic population with the majority living in South Belton.

After a letter to the editor (KDH, Jan. 26) exposed the committee’s makeup, Belton officials excused their actions by claiming they couldn’t find a qualified Hispanic for the 2013 CIP committee.

Additionally, this follows officials renaming two streets for UMHB but when black community leaders requested a street renamed in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr., officials stymie their efforts via new policies.

Officials have demonstrated a propensity to support UMHB and North Belton enhancements while repeatedly ignoring South Belton areas (i.e. South Main Street, where pedestrians, even those who are handicapped, are forced to enter onto a busy Main Street for transportation).

Thus, South Belton citizens, especially minorities, are given every reason to vote “no” on our officials’ 2013 capital improvements.

Charles Berry


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There is no doubt about it south Belton is neglected and ignored but taxed and all the tax monies are spent on the north side one of these days I see the feds getting involved.


Not only were UMHB streets renamed without policies, more than half a dozen property owners were affected. Did the council take a survey for the two streets? They also renamed Ave C to Digby - the former mayor's name. What? no policy in place?

Info has also leaked out that city manager influenced the bus load of capital improvement members when touring south and north Belton. He favored sidewalk improvements in front of UMHB & North Main St and poo-poo'd South Main's needed improvements, pitching it as a TXDOT's problem to remove the dangers. Sam Listi does for the leaders desires because he knows it will secure his job and future pay raises.

I bet there is a picture of Belton city hall and council in the dictionary beside the words "Good Ol' Boys"

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