To the Editor:

Affectionately named for the year she was born, “06” (pronounced O-Six) was not just an ordinary wolf; she was a celebrity.

Some called her a rock star, and for certain she was a social media star. As the alpha female of Yellowstone’s highly visible Lamar Canyon Pack, she became one of the park’s most celebrated attractions.

Wolf lovers and visitors from all over the world adored her and made the pilgrimage to Yellowstone in hopes of seeing and photographing this legendary wolf.

Nate Blakeslee in his recent best-seller, “American Wolf,” described her as a charismatic alpha female with a dense gray coat, beautiful markings, “and a heavier physique than most females, who averaged around ninety pounds.”

She was a “once-in-a-generation hunter” who could take down an elk all by herself. She was an intelligent, doting mother and a fearless fighter who successfully protected her pups from marauding bears and other predators.

She was extraordinary in every way—unlike any alpha female before or since.

The GPS collar she wore tracked her every move and showed that 95 percent of the time she and her pack remained inside the boundaries of Yellowstone. Tragically, on December 6, 2012, during one of her rare forays outside the park, she fell victim to a trophy hunter’s bullet. Her death sparked international outrage, and her obituary was even posted in the New York Times.

06 may be gone, but she is hardly forgotten. Like all Yellowstone wolves, she was a national treasure. The park’s wolves belong to all of us, and they need to be protected—even when they venture outside the park’s invisible boundaries. To learn more about “06” and Yellowstone’s wolves, check out The 06 Legacy page at

Waldo Montgomery


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