To the Editor:

Referencing a local paper (April 9), “$4.21M bond proposed for Belton improvements”: The ruse now to fund the “Bridge to Nowhere,” is to sneak it in and get taxpayers to fund it through tax increases.  

According to a traffic study by Lee Engineering, LLC in Dallas, the bridge “will primarily serve university (UMHB) traffic” and have minimal regional use ... (Temple Daily Telegram 11-7-12).  

However, I’m voting “no” on the bond because of officials’ clandestine acts when selecting the Capital Improvement Project Committee.

Here’s the “unethical” Capital Improvement Project Committee’s demographic makeup:  

18 North Belton Caucasians

2 South Belton citizens

ZERO Hispanics because officials claim they couldn’t find a “qualified” Belton Hispanic in a 30 percent Latino population.

They even selected an Ethics Commission member to sit on the CIP Committee. Go figure.  

What would the community’s reaction be if the CIP Committee had 18 South Belton African-Americans and Hispanics, two North Belton citizens and ZERO Caucasians?

It’s bad when officials create a slanted committee that leans in their favor to gain.  

It’s bad when officials don’t strive to represent the city equally in regard to safety and enhancements.  

It’s bad when officials deny any race equal opportunity to participate on a committee, yet seek to use their tax dollars.  

South Belton Hispanics, African-Americans and taxpayers alike should vote “NO” on the $4.21 million bond until the council changes its Deep-South practices of old.  

Joe Trevino Jr.


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Good points in this letter.

Dr Strangelove

Well they have a statue dedicated to “Our Confederate Hero’s” in the city square—that should tell you a lot Joe. As a guy from up north I look at it as a statue dedicated to traitors of the United States.

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