To The Editor:

Four out of 5 U.S. adults struggle with joblessness, near poverty or reliance on welfare for at least parts of their lives, a sign of deteriorating economic security and an elusive American dream.

Sunday’s Temple Telegram even headlines a struggling economy, yet Belton officials are focused on adding $7 million more in debt — that is slightly above $400 million for Belton residents.

This doesn’t even include state or federal obligations, either. 

Taxpayers should be concerned.

Especially those who pay taxes and never see improvements in their neighborhoods.

Belton’s vision has gone blind. If they’re not improving the tax-exempt UMHB’s infrastructure and ignoring the taxpayers, they are scheming-up the most ridiculous nonsense like encouraging the public to entertain in bacteria-filled water.

Belton’s officials and PIO can hang their bottoms out an inner-tube in the bacteria creek, but don’t encourage the public to if you’re not willing to accept liability. 

Like the last sewer spill, Belton officials walked the banks and said that they saw no sewage and claimed everything was OK.

Do we look like idiots? And stop blaming Killeen for bacteria in Nolan Creek and those who live west of Belton. That’s hockey puck.

Remember, Belton dump trucks were caught illegally dumping municipal waste at the creek on May 15, 2011, ( and pollution flowing into the creek was ignored for years, even through city property.

Those in government wasting tax dollars should be fired.

Belton has never told taxpayers what the return will be on the millions wasted on their creek inner-tubing scheme.  

Martha Berry


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What the? Mrs. Howell's comments makes no sense in reference to the indictment against Belton officials. Must've hit your head too hard. Stay off the road. Good Grief!

Grandmary 98

Dear Editor,
On August 2, I was at the Cove HEB loading my groceries. I stepped on the sidewalk and evidently stepped wrong because I tumbled to the ground, groceries flew everywhere and I managed to hit my head on my car. As I sat there dazed, several people came to my rescue. A teenager reached under my car to pick up groceries as his mother and others gathered the rest of the spilled items. They were so kind to make sure I was okay.
I got into the car and found I had no key. Again I am down on the ground trying to get the key from under my car, but by that time I was pretty stiff and sore. Another two cars stopped to ask if I were okay and a very nice man in a white t-shirt got on his knees and reached under the car to get the keys.
Thanks to these very nice people I could go home with a few bumps and bruises and a twisted ankle. Everyone was so kind and helpful and I want the area to know that although there is a man on trial for mass murder here in the area, we have many kind and caring people here, too.

Mary Howell

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