To the Editor:

I give the Republicans credit for developing a backbone and standing up to the president’s tyranny. Americans are supportive in this endeavor or should be.

Shame on the Democrats and the White House for their own petty immature ideology which translates into a socialistic government that pretty much tells you what you can or can’t do.

Take notice of this government’s corruptness and lack of accountability before the 2014 election.

If the Democrats get control of the House of Representatives, hang on for the wildest ride of your life. Obama will have free rein on unlimited spending, and creating new taxes, and you, your children and their children will pay.

Earlene Eidenier


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@Smithjr38; you lost me when you said that Jesus was a liberal... Jesus did not demand more and more tax money from the people for the government...he said, give to Caesar what is Caesars. Jesus did not say to build bigger and bigger churches. Jesus did not believe in "collective salvation", but in individual salvation. He told his followers to feed his sheep, not the government to do it. Generally, liberals believe in collective salvation, in "saving" everyone by taking from one group to give to those without. The devil believes in collective salvation, for he will seek redemption for all including himself in the final days. Yes, you say you are an old man, but did not say a wise man.


I have known since 2007 that obama was not supposed to be president. Sadly, everything I predicted has come to pass, and worse. The incompetence at the highest levels of government have now cost American lives.


You people keep talking about the Tea Party as something sinister and devious. Do you really know what the tenants of the Tea Party are or are you just enthralled with the so called Democratic Party? The Republican Party is almost as bad and have become known as RINO's. Study up and you may change your mind.


Clearly Earlene has been brain washed by the FOX News channel which is a tea party broadcasting network.

Yea the Democrats have some disagreements like Climate change and the redistributing wealth issue .( which the GOP also is in the redistributing therory The GOP wants to take your Social Security to give to poor rich folks like Mitt Romney , Ted Cruz , and Greg Abbott whom are all tight wads and lust after your Social Security pay .as they feel that as holy men the need your SS more than you do. )

( NOTe all those Holy GOP are too stupid to know that Jesus was a liberal and wants us all to get along and prosper So they have replaced Jesus Ted Cruz and Russ Limbaugh GODs who will not forgive you but will curse you for the glory of the tea party. )

But The GOP has a much bigger internal problem than the Democrats .
I am a old man and can remember when the GOP was made up of decent honest people and wanting the best for the nation .People like Kay Bailey Hutchison.
She was a good example of what a GOP should be working with the Democrats to achieve blessing for the state of Texas.

Unfortunately for Kay she is a women and even the old GOP has and still has a bad opinion about women Since they beleive the Bible that women are the root of all equal and do not despite all the hype the GOP both old and new do not believe in the US Constitution which was written at about the same time Betsy Ross sewed the first US official flag that we all men and women are created equal and have equal rights was written in the law of the land.

but men of both parties ignored that and it was not until women got the right to vote that women were treated equal ( the GOP opposed giving the women the right to vote while the Democrats welcome it. and the GOP plank still has that women should not get equal pay for equal works as for men.)

It is too bad the GOP which at one time was against slavery but now the GOP moderates are being faced will loud mouth punks whom want women and men to be slaves to the tea party polices which include taking or Social Security so the greedy rich and lobbyist can have more money to s**** we the people

So it appears the FOX news fans and loud mouths are going to take over the GOP.
Watch FOX fans and fools in the GOP will lose the election again as what the GOP needs in 2016 to counter Hillary is KB Hutchison as President . and a more human GOP as it used to be when the GOP opposed slavery .


Jesus forgave sin. Liberals promote sin.

Jesus gave of himself. Liberals want to give what they take from others.

BIG difference.


What many people in the U.S. do not remember is that the socialist party changed its name to the social democratic party back in 1972. Their goal was to infiltrate the democrat party and is the reason that the "old" democratic party is different than today's democratic party. Many people do not know the difference, but its obvious completely when one
knows each. Younger people (<45 yrs) , who do not know history will fall for that socialist utopian appeal, just like they have with the affordable heath care act.


I agree with Fran, When you aren't aware of what's gone on in the past, You aren't going to recognize when its going on right around you in todays world.

(In the old days) I would say the majority in my home area were Democrats, including many of my relatives. But at that time, if anyone would have had the argument over bringing Gods name into the agenda at a Democratic convention like happened at the last Dem. convention. And have members shout out NO, NO, NO, The majority of the democrats from that time period,would have ask 'What are you some kind of Communist???

Democrats have allow a sinister element into their party, If they haven't recognized it by this time there is no help for them.
And you better start praying to God ,You and everyone else wakes up fast.


Yes and remember when the KKK with volance took over the Christian south and punished not only blacks but normal Christians who want to follow the teaching of Jesus . Yet it was a Texas Democrat Linden B Johnson passed the equal rights law that the KKK was wiped out.
Ted Cruz and his radical tea party nut cases is now taking over the Once anti slavery GOP and wants to make us all part of the tea party polices or else.


Earlene, I totally agree with you, they have made people a bunch of dumb cattle waiting for the government to take care of them.


Judge not that you too will be judged . wake up all the bad climate disasters have made a lot of folks jobless and losing everything . will you if hit by disaster refuse money and help to feed your Family?

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