To the Editor:

I was going to write a letter about the ongoing (and becoming more interesting by the hour) investigation of the Boston terrorists, when I picked up the Killeen Daily Herald and saw Celia Rivenbark’s column (April 28, Page A5).

It was about Justin Bieber’s visit to Amsterdam, Anne Frank’s home, and a visit to Ground Zero in New York.

According to Mr. Bieber, the saddest thing about the 2,735 people who perished on 9/11 was that they all died without hearing him sing “Baby.”

There is a saying that goes “keep your mouth shut and let people think you are an idiot or open it and prove them right.”

Justin is a lot more than an idiot. The turpitude of his statements, especially the ones referring to Anne Frank, places him on the same level as human waste. My apologies to the waste.

To think that thousands, perhaps millions of young Americans idolize this person makes me ill.

To think that he is young enough to continue for years ... OMG.

Pedro C. Santiago


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Lol, i don't give a fu*k
fu*k you America and israel, Palestine will live forever! :D
and god bless Osama Bin laden. :)


I don't really know who this "justin bieber" person is, and therefore have given this all the attention it is due.

Dr Strangelove

Mr. Santiago, the guy is now a rich spoiled little brat; who cares what this pothead says?

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