To the Editor:

In the race for District 54 state representative, you have a choice between Claudia Brown, a moderate Democrat, and Jimmie Don Aycock, a Republican.

We both support gun rights.

In the year 2000, I was privileged to complete a graduation from the FBI Citizens academy, during which I was trained to shoot FBI weapons.

I am in favor of the constitutional right to bear arms.

My problem with “Uzis” is that I know very little about them, except that “Uzis” is the name of a brand of gun.

When faced with legislation regarding any issue, a smart approach is to research the topic prior to offering decisions that affect the lives and rights of others.

My concern with any gun including the “Uzis” is gun safety, and keeping them out of the hands of the irresponsible and criminally insane.

Claudia Brown

Democratic candidate for District 54


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No Bubba I have not forgotten Lubys and Rep Hupp. The anti gun law at that time supported by liberal Democrats and I suspect would also have been supported by Baltimore liberal Democrats like Brown prevented Suzanna from having her weapon in Lubys. I know Suzanna. She had a clear shot at the assailant had she been armed. But thanks to liberal Democrats she was not and had no chance to protect her parents and others in Luby. That incident is what inspired her to run for the legislature and get concealed carry passed in Texas. She testified in congress against the Clinton gun ban that Brown would support. She knows that when faced with an armed intruder having a gun is far more effective than having a liberal Democrat inspired anti gun law. This incident is one reason why it is so insulting to me to have a liberal Democrat from Baltimore, a city that has absolutely no appreciation for Texas values, run for this legislative seat.


both writers on this topic seem to have forgotten the Luby's incident and the hard work accomplished by Representative Hupp to protect the rights of citizens of this district.


No Dr Brown you do not support the second amendment. You cannot say out of one side of your mouth "I support the second amendment" then talk about banning some guns out of the other side of your mouth. You even admit you know very little about so called "Uzis" yet you want to ban them and other semi automatics as well, merely because of how they look, not how they function. I absolutely will not support a politician who presumes to tell me as a law abiding citizen what kind of a gun I can or cannot own. Your argument about keeping guns out of the hands of the irresponsible is bogus. It is already illegal for criminals and mentally unbalance people to own guns. What you and other liberal Democrats really mean by that is you want to keep them out of the hands of law abiding citizens. If you cannot be trusted to uphold the second amendment you cannot be trusted to uphold any amendment. Gun bans come up every legislative session and I don't want you in the legislature to support them. I would suggest to voting gun owners to look at Brown's stand on other issues as well, you won't agree with those either.


Then present yourself here on this page and publicly disavow your allegiance to the democratic party's openly stated desire to reinstate the Unconstitutional "clinton-era gun ban" which has been advance by obama. Back up your carefully chosen words with the right words.

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