To the Editor:

I recently became aware of a new term in car insurance, and that is “shared liability.”

My vehicle was involved in an accident when it struck a car coming from the opposite direction as it turned left directly across in front of my vehicle.

My “shared liability” was assessed at 25 percent even though the other vehicle crossed in front of me and was struck in my lane of traffic.

Apparently, you are always obligated to stop, and if you can’t, you will share some of the liability.

When I questioned this policy, the insurance agent further stated that you could be assessed a portion of the liability, even if you hit a car that ran a red light when you had the green light.

It gives a completely different meaning to “defensive driving.”

Incidentally, the insurance company is well known and highly rated.

John Sheppard


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I am not surprised by the sound of it. If someone pulls in front of me while I am traveling straight on the road, then if I am going to be assessed 25% fault, then someone please explain to me the laws of physics that says I CAN stop on a dime.
Sounds like the insurance companies are finding anyway they can to substantiate raising everyone's rates. .. Why don't the insurance companies STOP with the stupid commercials and the big expense for them and give the customers a break... just
penalize the one who caused the accident is what is fair.


Agree with all the above--- Another way to make a buck while charging their customers to protect them with 'Insurance'

Dr Strangelove

I tell you what Roody I have a dash cam for this reason.


Next, the insurance companies will require us to have dash cams. That's how they do it in Russia.

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