To the Editor:

There was no surprise upon hearing the verdict of the trial of Nidal Hasan. Perhaps the only surprise was the time it took to issue such verdict.

As the sentencing phase unfolds, citizens are reacting and dealing with various emotions.

As Christians, we must think clearly and speak carefully of the man, the trial and treatment.

Hasan planned and marched to the voices of hate in the mind of radical Islam.

Much of the world has engaged an enemy who would rather destroy everything than tolerate anything. Conventional warfare will never end its tirade against all things Western.

We will never stop the violence until we stop the hate that empowers it. Hate is the world’s fiercest despot. Hate always kills.

It has united more countries and claimed more lives than any one tyrant. And unless we start examining the enemy of our souls more than the enemy of our shores, hate will soon raise its own flag over our land.

Who will do so in order that we not become the very one we’re trying to defeat?

Preston G. Atkinson


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All the Christian love in the world cannot deter a rabid dog. There's really only one solution for a rabid dog.

Jimmy Hogberg

Being lied to creates hate. Our soldiers die for our freedoms, and Jesus died for our sins. We really don't have those freedoms unless we're in the right social status. Jesus said to not judge others, but people treat people different based on status. Racism plays a part of that, but not in the way the media portrays it. People are fixing to get their hours lowered at work which means less money, but Nidal Hasan got paid and vip service for 4 years after murdering so many people. God was a big part of our founding father's, but now it's not politically correct to say his name. Is it just a coincidence things were better then? Autism and other conditions are on the rise, and more kids will bully these and other kids which will lead to more shootings. African Americans and others are still killing each other over their color of bandana. The news and prominent black leaders don't want to cover that, because it's more important to cover the controversial stuff. Are we really honoring the Legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King and others? Some states won't even honor his holiday. I'm a white man and I'm ashamed of how some white men ruin it for people like me that could care less what color you are. We make jokes about movie quotes and what not, but movies like Boyz in the Hood and Menace to Society spoke to the truth about growing up as a young black man.

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