To the Editor:

This past summer, the Temple Public Library put up a display in the children’s section that celebrated, and encouraged our children to celebrate, the LGBTQ lifestyles.

Will the Temple Public Library put up a display advocating for biblical values, such as marriage between one man and one woman? Will they promote Romans 1:18-32 (a clear description of the sins that have come out of the closet in our generation), as the counter-display to “Celebrate Gay Pride Month”? Since we know the answer is a resounding “NO,” which view is being censored and marginalized?

At the Temple Library and around our country, the LGBTQ agenda insists that it must be represented to the exclusion of other views with whom it disagrees. But that is the essence of censorship.

Concerned local residents are not asking the library to advocate for the biblical position on this sexual and moral matter. We are simply asking the library not to advocate, period, for either side. That is the essence of neutrality.

The city manager is currently crafting a new policy for the library’s displays, and has assured that neutrality is the goal. The question will be whether neutral is truly neutral. City officials have the responsibility of guiding this community crisis to a peaceful resolution.

It is the job of the library to provide informational and educational resources for everyone in the community. The Temple library has been doing a fine job of that for many years. It is not the job of the library to take sides in a contentious moral and spiritual issue, especially when to do so undermines the values of much of its community.

That is exactly what the library did this past summer, and we will not accept a repeat of such indoctrination.

Joe Goodson, Temple


Concerned Christian Citizens

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