To the Editor:

Ms. Roberts writing her opinion in the Killeen Daily Herald on Feb. 23 made a compelling argument as to why the conservative representatives should concede total power to the president because he was re-elected by the majority votes as well as the Electoral College.

It would make sense if we had that form of government “simple democracy,” where the majority has total rule without consideration for the rights of the minority.

Fortunately, we have a “Constitutional Republic” which protects the right of those who did not win the election. 

Sounds cumbersome, doesn’t it? It was intended to be and for good reason. 

Without the protection of “checks and balances,” the citizens who lose elections because they garnered less than 50 percent of the votes would be oppressed at the hands of a simple majority.

And since we are on the subject, the role of elected officials is to support the rights and will of their constituents, or risk being recalled or not re-elected.

Texas did not elect Mr. Obama, and Texas is still a conservative state that re-elected Gov. Rick Perry, and elected Sen. Ted Cruz, Sen. John Cornyn, Congressman John Carter and Rep. Steve Stockman.

They represent the majority of voters in Texas. Therefore, they speak for those who do not agree with the president’s approach to foreign policy, or his unbridled support for so-called green energy projects with taxpayer money to companies that eventually go broke, but not before paying huge kickbacks to the Democratic Party. 

Everyone wants to save the planet and support equality for all people, regardless of political affiliation.

But when so few are actual contributors for the “Pie in the Sky’ projects, it’s the duty of Conservatives to say “NO” and seek compromise with reasonable Democrats.

Our spending is out of control, and is in dire need of adult supervision.

Don Fender


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@ Fortunately, we have a “Constitutional Republic” which protects the right of those who did not win the election.

Since the last two elections have happened,Thank God a Constitutional Republic type government, was what we were given.Otherwise,I have a feeling the people would be more in a world of hurt then we find ourselves in at this time.

Dr Strangelove

Mr. Fender, SPOT ON! [thumbup]

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