To the Editor:

Regarding the Killeen City Council vote on city manager’s raise:

It is good to know that the Killeen City Council does not always insist on consensus when it comes to budget expenditures. I’d like to think that all council members consider constituent resources as they apply our limited resources to plan and implement the city budget.

They (council members) should demonstrate frugality and good stewardship of all citizen taxes. Some citizens work good jobs. Some are old and indigent. But citizens should also be grateful and consider the sacrifice our city’s governing body members make to do their job. They have no salaries.

Recently I made a grave error in a letter to the editor on our Bell County government workers’ salary increase.

I should have stated the commissioners’ raise was around 2 or 3 percent instead of $30,000 each. They currently earn over $60,000. However, I am still protesting the upcoming salary increase for approximately 50 Bell County employees.

And so I am informing the Killeen mayor and city council about my protest, through a memo to our city manager. Hopefully my one small voice to Bell County will be heard.

These are hard economic times for many taxpayers. I can try to protest in person at each hearing regarding this Bell County budget item increase, even though some of the hearings may be held simultaneously.

But it would be nice if I were not the “lone ranger” voice for taxpayers who may think as I do. It was suggested that I start another petition, but to tell you the truth I am getting a little weary of the apathy.

God bless the Killeen Daily Herald staff that lets its readership speak their minds, pro or con.

Claudia L. Brown, Ph.D.

City and Bell County taxpayer


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