To the Editor:

As usual, it’s a jab at the city administration.

If you have a registered underground sprinkler system in Killeen, you get an annual notice that the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requires an annual inspection and check of your backflow prevention check valve.

The current requirement is that the homeowner is responsible to have this done by a plumber, who in turn files his report with the city.

A quick check of area plumbers yields a price variance from $60 to $100.

In my view this is a proper job for the city’s Water and Sewer Department.

This expense could be easily placed on the appropriate month’s water bill, and given the volume, could likely be done at a much lower cost to the homeowner.

The city could either ask for a bid proposal and set up a fixed price contract with one or more local vendors or hire one or two new city employees.

In either case, it should result in lower costs, more consistency and easier payment for the homeowner.

The city would benefit because they could schedule and track the completions by sectors.

They could be certain of nearly 100 percent completion, there would be less paperwork and less postage expense.

In other words, it’s a win-win.

Retired Col. Charlie Rosenblum


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Be honest? Here's some honesty: City has time for personnel issues & wasting money. Ideas in the letter are reasonable enough to try. Your assumption that I don't know its a TCEQ requirement is erroneous. It still doesn't mean the city can't utilize ideas proposed in this letter to help residents meet requirement. Killeen sure finds ways to change codes, dance around regulations & cut corners when it comes to housing construction by local friends of the city. Far as wondering how long I've lived around these parts, let's just say some of us with opinions here go way back. As for that statement on opinions, there's also a saying about assumptions. You know what they say about assumptions.

Mamma Griz

Now let's be honest with yourself Viktor. Does the city of Killeen have the personnel to chase around conducting the backflow checks. Besides, it is NOT a city requirement-- it is a requirement of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. The city get into it because they collect the information. Go the source of the need for the backflow check-- the Texas Commission of Environment Quality. Don't jump the middle man-- go to the TOP. I wonder how long you have lived in this area-- you don't seem to know the city's key people. Just your opinion, and you know about opinions.


Good ideas but let's be real. This city's key people only look out for themselves and their friends. Why would they care about all the Killeen residents now?

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