To the Editor:

I am the founder of Kathy’s Kitties, a low-cost spay/neuter clinic that specializes in trap-neuter-return as part of an overall comprehensive feral cat plan for feral/stray cats. I have a clinic in downtown Killeen that has been in business for four years now. I have helped colony caretakers of ferals from Lampasas to Waco. We have helped stabilize colonies of ferals at the Gatesville prison of more than 300 cats.

I was on the ad hoc committee for Copperas Cove and I agree with George Fox (Letters, June 30) that they have been stalling for years with many excuses. One of their favorite excuses is a health concern. I can tell you that there is no reason to be concerned with that. We have spay/neutered more than 2,000 feral cats and have tested many. Less than 2 percent were tested positive for feline leukemia, or FIV. Very few of these cats were treated for fleas and worms. The most common ailment we have seen was an URI, which is not contagious to humans. If there was a health issue with feral cats, I don’t believe there would be so many people willing to care for them.

The other excuse the city council has used was they don’t have the funds for it. I am not sure where they get the idea that they would have to pay, but I know for a fact that residents are already using their hard-earned money to care for these cats and they are not asking for help.

Many cities are already accepting TNR and there are many grants available to help them. Dallas, Fort Worth, Austin and Killeen, to name a few, are using TNR because they know it works and have not had any problems. So why does Copperas Cove think they are the only ones seeing a major problem with it?

Copperas Cove laws are making upstanding and law-abiding citizens criminals and this needs to be stopped. Copperas Cove has already made some big changes for the better, and the only way to manage feral cats is to keep them from reproducing and vaccinated. That is why TNR works. If they are vaccinated, they cannot get rabies. We cannot prevent irresponsible pet owners from abandoning cats, so this is the best way to control the overpopulation of feral cats.

Kathy Kwieran


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Regarding the letters to the Editor from Mr. George Fox (06-03-13) and Ms. Kathy Kwieran (07-07-13) I completely agree with them.
I am a life long resident of Killeen, and I practice the trap, neuter and return method of stray and feral cats. It produces the positive results of a healthier animal and keeping the population low.
If all pets were "fixed," shelters weren't overflowing, and pet abandonment didn't occur, these poor animals wouldn't be attempting survival in the streets of our cities. "Free to a good home" is a wonderful concept, but the unfortunate reality is that there simply aren't enough homes for them all. Copperas Cove should allow TNR as part of the solution to this heartbreaking and perpetual problem.

George Fox
George Fox

Nature_Advocate/James. As you have been told, animal abusers and child molesters are not welcome. We contacted the Sheriffs Department down there and what you are telling us is against the law. Your information on rabies is also not correct. If you were up here you would be in jail where you belong.


Even the people who do not like feral cats, who have all sorts of exaggerated fears about them, should support TNR. Trap, neuter, return is the only policy that works to reduce the numbers of stray and feral cats. Trap and kill will never make enough of a dent in their numbers to make a difference - intact cats will just reproduce to fill the void left by the few that animal control manages to pick up. With TNR, people work on their location until pretty much all the cats are trapped, neutered, vaccinated for rabies, and returned to where they were found. Over time, their numbers slowly die off and most important is no new kittens are born. Newcomers are often run off by the colony but if not, the new ones get trapped and fixed too because the colony is being managed. My guess is most the cats that people complain about are actually neighbors pet cats that are let outdoors and not ferals - ferals are afraid of people and rarely show themselves except to those who feed them. Everyone, cat lovers and haters alike, should support TNR. There is really no reason not to.


If you care about your pet put a leash on it or pen it up if not lose it that simple. Stop paying tax dollars on this garbage. Stop lining the pockets of these (people who care). If you cant keep a pet locked up you cant keep a pet. Simple


Ray, in a perfect world I 100% agree, but this is the real world and people don't do the right thing.

People PCS and dump their animals (dogs and cats alike) out of MOVING vehicles, drive them to fields and dump them (across the tracks from Western Hills Subdivision being a prime example). That's on top of the people who don't fix their cats and still let them wander the neighborhood. It's all well and good to say keep them penned up, but that's not solving the problem. It's a wish, not a fix.

Having official support for a TNR program in Cove WOULD help. As Kathie pointed out, there are funds out there for it, via grants, that wouldn't cost the city (re: the taxpayers) a dime, but the lawmakers need to get their grant writer engaged in order to apply for the money. Code would need to be rewritten to handle specific issues surrounding TNR colonies.

Less breeding cats mean a better Cove, for us and for them.

Will we ever be 100% done with this? No, but that's because people refuse to be responsible pet owners and Cove continues to pump animals through the shelter, where many of them are put down - at tax payer expense. You are already paying tax dollars for this problem and the cats are paying with their lives.

As one of the people who take in animals from the shelter and get them fixed and rehomed, it would be much easier/cheaper for me to able to humanely trap cats and have them fixed and release them than it has been for me to take in a stray, from the shelter, and her NINE kittens and raise them. I have a rescue that is absorbing the cost of getting them vetted, but food and litter (and gas to/from appointments) has been out of my pocket. I could have taken six or seven adults to Kathie to get fixed for what food and litter alone has cost. You're welcome for saving you the tax dollars it would have taken to feed, house and euthanize these cats otherwise. The idea behind TNR is a litter like the one I pulled isn't ever born, because their stray mama would have been caught and fixed before it happened.

Now kindly support untying our hands so that, at least, people willing to spend the money to TNR these animals don't face prosecuting and, at most, support the idea that the city should ask for money that's out there to help the animals our irresponsible residents leave to suffer.

Comment deleted.

Natue advocate what is a cat-licker. I don't lick my cats. I do love them as well as all innocent creatures. You must be a very sad lonely person.

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