To the Editor:

Regarding Mr. Dale McFeatters’ column in Wednesday’s (April 10) KDH edition, his base argument about arming young students in schools actually has many elements of truth.

Allowing the adults in our schools to be armed is a school security option that should be explored.

With the proper training, any school employee or other responsible adult can be a valuable addition to protecting our children.

And while Mr. McFeatters attempts to portray arming 7-year-olds as crazy talk, it really isn’t that crazy.

The NRA’s Eddie Eagle program teaches firearms safety to thousands of schoolchildren yearly.

Children should be taught to understand the dangers, responsibilities, and fun that firearms represent.

Many schools have active shooting programs that teach children shooting skills, shooting safety and respect for firearms.

While trying to demonstrate the absurdity of guns in school, Mr. McFeatters actually makes a pretty good argument for firearms in school.

Bill Cronk

Harker Heights

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Each district must decide whether or not uniformed security or concealed weapons in the hands of staff are appropriate in their district. This should be decided by the citizens of that district. Allowing minors to posess or handle firearms unsupervised in a school or anywhere else is never appropriate and is a violation of Texas law as I understand it. Schools are encouraged to educate children about firearms in cooperation with the NRA's education and training programs.

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