To the Editor:

The column by John Crisp in the March 26 Killeen Daily Herald, “Veteran’s letter links Vietnam to current wars,” was an insult to historians and veterans of all wars in which the USA participated.

Crisp is a renowned liberal who lives and thrives by attacking everything we hold dear as a society and semi-free country. 

He tugs at the reader’s heart strings with the tale about Thomas Young, a wounded veteran, who was paralyzed while fighting in Iraq.

According to Crisp, Young was the “victim” of Bush and Cheney’s bait and switch act that got us from Afghanistan to Iraq.

 He and others whine about the evil genius Cheney and the intellectually challenged Bush getting us into a pronged war  on false pretenses with the ulterior motive of stealing Iraq’s oil. 

Who can believe that hog wash? Any person who has not bothered to research the chain of events, and who has zero knowledge of the Middle East leading up to the invasion, believes such drivel.

People who lack the courage to act on intelligence reports provided by the British, and our own CIA  still believe one dullard and his evil sidekick can motivate several European powers, the majority of Congress, and the secretary of state to go to war on a whim.

Ignorant people, or those who have a hidden agenda, criticize President Bush for involving us in a so-called “unnecessary war.”

Those without a micron of understanding of events in that part of the world, who do not realize  the continuous antagonistic attitude against the USA  in recent years by illegitimate dictators is an attempt to appease Islam.

WMDs were not created by Bush and Cheney; they were fabricated in the mind of Saddam Hussein to hold us at bay, while he aided Islamic terrorists throughout the world.

Don Fender


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We found the WMD in Iraq

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