To the Editor:

The current drought and dangerously low lake levels need our community leaders’ attention.

Here are some recommendations that I consider important to consider:

• Form a water conservation committee of citizens.

• Post daily in the Killeen Daily Herald important facts on water use to include daily stage restrictions.

• Publish a list of ways to conserve water.

• Develop a listing of water saving tips and include this in the water bills.

• Use the city code enforcement staff to monitor water usage (it is not uncommon to drive around and see water sprinklers running in the middle of the afternoon in 100-degree heat).

• Have a meeting of the five major water users in Killeen to solicit their conservation ideas and find out what other cities in our area are doing.

The Austin area has many active programs for citizens.

One even provides a citizen rebate for conservation efforts.

I’m sure there must be more ideas out there.

It seems to me that we should at least be in Phase 2 restrictions by now.

Don’t be fooled by a rain shower, it would take at least 30 days of rain to fill our lakes.

This situation needs our ideas and our prayers.

Loren Stroup


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[sad][sad]at 2 am on sept 29 I noticed that while it was raining the sprinklers at the LDS church were doing a fine job of watering all the concrete sidewalks. also I have observed the sprinklers on at noon. I have personally informed this " church" of this issue; the reaction was "WE CAN afford it, not a problem!" of course they can afford it, plenty of money in there!!!!

Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Face it...we are becoming like Austin.
Just look at after store.

I think many in this area are in denial about the water shortage.
Just look how some homeowners and businesses waste water through their sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems going off during the hottest time of the day and water running down the street.

One day we are going to wake up and start caring about our planet.
Start appreciating how truly lucky were are to have water at the turn of a knob.

Dr Strangelove

Proud Mother: What I mean we don’t want to become like the Government in Austin doing stupid things like banning plastic bags etc.

I agree I’ve been to that new HEB in Belton its pouring rain and they still are running the sprinkler system and I've seen government properties doing the same thing.
Yes I agree they’re some business and home owners that abuse wasting water. When the drought was worse I didn’t water my grass well hell I never do anyway. Most people in my neighborhood didn’t water their lawns. There were a few that did and you see their green lawns. However when the rains started again my lawn was just as green as theirs—they wasted a lot water doing this.

Yes code enforcement should write these homes/business up but you need to watch what you ask for—we don’t need code enforcement Gestapo writing people up for a little bit of nothing—they’re a few out there already.

Dr Strangelove

We don't want to become like Austin; Loren please move there you'll be happier with Austin big brother guiding you life.

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