To the Editor:

Thank you for the editorial of Wednesday, Dec. 19.

Senator Feinstein’s Assault Weapons Ban (1994-2004) did not stop the Columbine High School massacre (April 1999) and it would not have stopped the recent Sandy Hook massacre.

Connecticut has a ban modeled after the federal ban. The firearm used complied with the Connecticut ban.

The real issues that need to be addressed are the lack of mental health care for the shooter, the current ban on the ability of school personnel to properly protect their students and the glorification of violence in our media.

Killeen ISD has its own police force to help protect our students.

And after the Fort Hood shooting, the Fort Hood commander instituted armed security at various locations and events.

The Congress and the president need to work on solutions that might work, not ones that have been tried and failed.

William Cronk

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Pete and Viktor, you two need to stay away from those anti-gun-control websites and get some real facts — more children are killed and injured in the United States in bathtubs accidents than in gun accidents. Get some FBI data let’s see 2011: 496 people killed by hammers or clubs; 323 by rifles! 2006: 619 people killed by hammers or clubs; 438 by rifles. I bet both of you are pro-choice so let’s add 3,000 babies a day. When you people get concerned about those stats then maybe the rest of us will listen to you. Happy New Year.

(Edited by staff.)


Dr. S - thank you for the clarification. An unemotional fact for you - on average 32 Americans die everyday due to gun violence/accidents. Way more than any other country in the world.


120 per day are killed in their car. Around 40,000 per year. Come back when you are outraged over THAT.


Big deal! Pete got the quote from Timothy wrong. Doesn't change the meaning of his point. It is the love of moolah, cash, currency, greenbacks, whatever that has added to the problem of guns flourishing in this country. Accept it or not.

Dr Strangelove

Pete you gun control people get wrong all the time; so is your Bible quote 1 Timothy 6:10:

For the LOVE of money is a root of all kinds of evil, and in their eagerness to be rich some have wandered away from the faith and pierced themselves with many pains.

Money is not the root of all evil it’s the LOVE OF MONEY is a root of all kinds of evil! As for power it’s the gun control lobby that wants power to control my life by not letting me protect my family and others based on emotion not facts!


Mr. Cronk, Isn't the real problem money? Money and influence the NRA/gun manufacterers have on common sense legislation. Money that was saved when mental health treatment was subcontracted to the criminal "justice" system and jails/prisons became the largest provider of mental health treatment in America. Money the politicians got for being "tough" on crime and "protecting" citizens from the crime bogeyman by expanding the ever expanding law enforcement industry (KISD police/Ft Hood gate guards - by the way Ft Hood and KISD has deep pockets (meaning easy access to taxpayer funds) to afford "protection"). Money that the patriotic plutocrats of the multinational coporate world has taken from the standard of living and upward mobility prospects for middle and lower income Americans. Money that the educational industry extracts from the young who then end up with no or low wage jobs that never required "certification" in the past. People without hope become desparate and desparate people with nothing to lose are suseptable to doing crazy things such as afflicting their pain and disappointments on others. Admittedly a rant with misspellings, however, it all comes back to the root of all evil and power - money.


No. We, the People, think that We, the People, should decide what our rights are; not you.

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