To the Editor:

Even if they do decide to fund Obamacare, that decision needs to be made separately from the rest of the budget.

Stop holding up people’s livelihood because the Dems won’t budge on “Obamacare” and won’t approve a bill that leaves “Obamacare” out.

Fund the rest of the government!

Then Obama, Harry Reid and the Republican party leaders need to sit down in a room together and hash out their differences with “Obamacare.”

Either fix, delay until fixed or defund it, but stop punishing Americans whose livelihoods depend on the government functioning.

Dean Erickson


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All the more reason they should have term limits for Congress. If they can't put

a budget together without sacrificing our kids' financial future, then send them home

early... some of these people have lost perspective of the American dream... and think

now a days, that it is the Socialist's dream.


Actually if you research their activity I think you will find, everyone of them are narcistic and maybe just a little bit in the gray area regarding their free business trips paid for by lobbyist. Check out the " Jewish Lobby" and see how many free trips some of these clowns "congress " have made to Isreal for birthday parties. Not voting for one incumbent for any office ever again. Four year term limit then hit the road, Jack!


Unfortunately, some members of Congress think it's their job to wave a metaphorical middle finger in the faces of hundreds of thousands of government workers -- the only people being hurt by this impasse.

(Instead of thinking it's their job to send the CR to the Senate so we can get on with our lives.)

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