To the Editor:

Mr. Kifer’s letter in Sunday’s (July 28) paper has inspired me to write my own letter thanking Mr. Obama.

1. I am grateful to Mr. Obama for the sequester. The extra day off each week gives me a chance to get caught up on things around the house. The 20 percent pay loss stinks, but it is just my sacrifice to buy Obama phones for the welfare drones who vote for him.

2. I’m grateful that, while Mr. Obama can’t keep the White House open for tours or pay my salary, he can give millions to our enemies in Egypt and the Palestinian territories, as well as taking million-dollar vacations where his dog gets his own aircraft.

3. I’m grateful that he has protected the rights of mothers to murder their babies. Nothing says “presidential leadership” like endorsing infanticide.

4. I’m grateful that Mr. Obama promised that Detroit would not go bankrupt. Too bad that he was both wrong and did nothing about it.

5. I’m thankful for Obamacare, which works exceptionally well for his big donors who magically got exceptions and the 74 percent of small business who cut their employee’s hours or fired workers to get out from under it.

6. I’m thankful for the $6 trillion in debt that Mr. Obama has piled up for this country, so my grandchildren know they can never achieve the level of prosperity this generation has seen.

7. And, of course, I’m thankful that Mr. Obama let those four people die in Benghazi.

As former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said later, what does it matter who did it?

Michael C Phillips

Copperas Cove

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This letter is sarcasm at its finest.

Mamma Griz

I do believe that some people are crying foul because President Obama is a Democrat. I wonder how much would be different if the president were a republican. The sequester-- a bi-partisan group of people came up with the idea.

There were warnings in advance of 9/11 and President Bush ignored them. President Bush got us into TWO wars we didn't need to be in-- and didn't put funding of them into the budget. President Bush came up with the stupid Medicare Plan D-- which hit seniors in their pockets. But he didn't have to worry-- his father was rich so that fact didn't weigh on his mind.

President Bush's Iraq war cost us 4,000 dead and thousands of disabled military personnel-- and we are still paying for it. We will ALWAYS be paying for his immoral wars.

Smithjr38, what did you mean by your comment about "Biden is a American". First off, that is incorrect English-- or didn't you learn English in school (if you went). Second, Barack Obama is AN AMERICAN.


Sir you are correct and that is why we need to build a fire under the GOP rear or make a new party that will IMPEACH OBAMA . NOW. Yes we will be stuck with Biden but rumor has it Biden is a American and if appointed will not want the USA to go to heck in a Obama basket.

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