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Anyone traversing the streets of Killeen needs to be aware that they will be at increased risk of an accident or injury, starting in May, due to the actions taken by several members of the City Council. Council members Shirley Fleming, Jonathan Okray and Dick Young voted to eliminate the use of red-light cameras at several busy intersections within the city.

In spite of evidence produced by the police department that violations and accidents have been decreasing at these intersections, since 2008, they still voted to end their use. There have been about 1,000 fewer accidents at these intersections since the installation of the cameras. I strongly believe that their actions will result in placing the traveling public at an increased risk of accident and/or injury once the “red light runners” realize that the electronic monitors are no longer in use. Oh, and by the way, this will also result in a decrease in revenues to the city of approximately $400,000 a year. I had expected that our elected representatives would be concerned and help promote safety for our citizens, but in this case, I guess I was wrong.

John Evans


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My brother is a small business owner and has only one company vehicle. It's used among employees whenever my brother needs them to run errands like picking up supplies, lunch, etc. One day one of them didn't stop for the required time when making a right on red and my brother recieved a ticket​ in the mail (over a month after the incident). By then, nobody could remember who was driving during that specific time.

There's something wrong when they can just ticket the owner without proof of who is behind the wheel. It's not illegal to let someone else drive your vehicle and if the ticket had been issued in person, it would have rightfully went to the driver not the owner of the vehicle.

So, to the comment below "Don't want a ticket. Don't run a red light." Well, it's not so "easy-peasie" if you have other people driving your vehicle.


These cameras are being shut down all over the country and lawsuits have been filed. The yellows are shortened to enhance revenue, and they are unconstitutional in their very nature. If they are so wonderful, why aren't they at every red light in the city? Why aren't they at every red light in the state and country?

Heights Teacher

From Insurance Institute for Highway Safety Highway Loss Data Institute website:
A series of IIHS studies in different communities found that red light violations are reduced significantly with cameras. Institute studies in Oxnard, Calif., and Fairfax, Va., reported reductions in red light violation rates of about 40 percent after the introduction of red light cameras. A 2016 Institute study comparing large cities with red light cameras to those without found the devices reduced the fatal red light running crash rate by 21 percent and the rate of all types of fatal crashes at signalized intersections by 14 percent.

So yes, they do improve safety. Don't want a ticket for running a red light? Don't run the red light. Easy-peasie.


Evans also showed up to the council meeting to tell them to keep the cameras. He was as persuasive then as he is now. The camera companies often like to find a local stooge to be their "local" voice that loves the cameras. Funny, if the cameras were effective on stopping red light runners why is he lamenting the loss of $400,000 in revenue? The mayor is thinking about bringing them back though. He wants a do over. Everyone should contact the mayor and council and tell them no do overs.


The cameras are just a money making scheme. They are not about safety....Count to three slowly. That is how long the yellow lights are on Trimmier. Do you think that is fair and designed for safety?..I live very close to Trimmier and Lowe's, and I see people slowing, speeding up, pumping their brakes , and generally paying attention to the yellows rather than surrounding traffic. Why are the yellows so short?..Those lights have nothing to do with safety.

Dr Strangelove



These cameras are unconstitutional. The "revenue" generated by them is actually "THEFT".

Dr Strangelove


Dr Strangelove

Puleeeezeeeee! What an orgy of buffoonery as jbtsr posted get educated. These scam cameras are all about the money the city can rake in. Anyone votes to keep these scam cameras vote them out of office.


Anyone believing the reasons of the writer is seriously ill informed. Google Barry Klein-red light cameras. Educate yourselves.

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