To the Editor:

This summer Cove ISD posted on the CCISD website and handed out a form that said CCISD was charging $40 to use the weight room. The form said nothing about the $40 payment being for purchase of clothing. My son was charged $40 to use the weight room and was not given shorts and a T-shirt.

I have asked the clerical staff and coaches about the clothing. My son and I have been told the shorts and T-shirt were property of CCISD.

The coaches will not give my son the clothing, but the varsity football players got to keep the clothing issued to them. My son missed most of the summer workouts because our family was out of town. This was not his choice, but he is being punished for it. It is not a requirement to attend summer workouts, and this is bullying.

Charging students $40 to use the weight room during the summer months must be equal for all students. A lot of football players did not pay the $40 weight room fee but received free clothing. The football players were not charged, as an enticement to attetnd.

The football coaches gave lots of players a short and T-shirt as a gift for attendance. This is not right, and it is a violation of UIL Amateur Rule and Title IX. If certain football players get free clothes, then all football players and other sport participants should get the clothing.

Parents need to receive their money back for the payments of the summer weight room fee or be given the clothing items.

Charles Wilson

Copperas Cove

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