To the Editor:

Recent letters to the editor have illustrated the need for more sidewalks in the area on or near Summers Road.

While I am in full agreement, I would like to also point out that citizens have a responsibility to follow the law and to follow common sense concerning their use of the roadway.

Summers Road has three lanes: one lane each direction plus a center turning lane.

Since the street was upgraded from a narrow two-lane road to three lanes, residents of the area have been using the center turn lane for personal recreation such as jogging, walking with baby strollers, and skateboarding. On weekends when the weather is nice, people can often be found walking or skateboarding in the center of the street.

This is very dangerous, even with a 30 mph posted speed limit.

Add to this the occasional speeders who race up the street, sometimes illegally using the same center turn lane to pass normal (slower) traffic. I was once passed in this manner while I was driving at the speed limit. This event also happened on a curve, where it was difficult, if not impossible, to see if anyone else was using the center turn lane on the other side of the curve. I am so thankful no one got hurt.

Police vehicles do patrol Summers Road regularly, but it is impossible for the city’s law enforcement to catch every speeder or reckless driver.

I maintain that it is not only the job of the government to protect its citizens. It is also the citizens’ responsibility to take due diligence in protecting themselves.

I hope and pray people will stop skateboarding and strolling their babies down the center of the street before someone is seriously injured or killed.

Laura Cella

Copperas Cove

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Interesting comments.

However, motor vehicle operators are completely responsible for the safe and lawful operation of their vehicle and for avoiding striking any object in the roadway, period.

I walk my dog daily on my road that has no sidewalk, so I am aware of the problems encountered by pedestrians in close proximity to speeding vehicles and discourteous drivers.

One woman, who nearly ran over my son and I, and our dogs, with a pickup truck, as we stood next to a mailbox on the side of the road, insisted in an email that we, the pedestrians, were somehow responsible for safety while interacting with vehicles in the roadway. I had the county sheriff explain the law to her. I had every intention of having that menace jailed, or put afoot permanently; and told her directly that another incident would not end as this one had, with a police report. Thankfully, this hazard to public safety sold her house and left to parts unknown, where I am sure she is terrorizing pedestrians in a whole new county.

The law is clear-drivers are responsible for their vehicle's operation.


Sec. 552.008. DRIVERS TO EXERCISE DUE CARE. Notwithstanding another provision of this chapter, the operator of a vehicle shall:
(1) exercise due care to avoid colliding with a pedestrian on a roadway;
(2) give warning by sounding the horn when necessary; and
(3) exercise proper precaution on observing a child or an obviously confused or incapacitated person on a roadway.

Acts 1995, 74th Leg., ch. 165, Sec. 1, eff. Sept. 1, 1995.

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