Cove reader says complacency fueling current political divide

To the Editor:

Today’s news bombards us with one-sided rhetoric designed to blast the opposition with conspiracy and hearsay. This is true of most outlets on both sides of the political aisle. Combine this with a failing two-party system, the ability to make a 60-year career out of a public office, and the lack of accountability from our political servants, and you get anger and predestined opposition.

I have aided this process through complacency. Complacency because of a somewhat steady financial situation, and the ease of always relying on a great track record for this country I love.

I would also readily admit that I have helped by easily taking sides from my soapbox. I grew up with many conservative beliefs.

While, I still maintain many of these same values, I am trying to teach myself to stand back and ask, “Why does someone else view things the way they do?” I have recently been embarrassed by most angles that both sides of the media have produced.

Both the anti-president talk from many news organizations, or the “he can do no wrong” speech from another should be viewed through clear, unbiased lenses.

I am very proud to be an American, and hope for the day both sides can get through these rough times without needing a disaster to bring us together.

David Jones

Copperas Cove

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