To the Editor:

I note that the left-wing media, Democrats and their enablers in the Beltway think tanks are all aflutter over President Trump’s interactions with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Our own leftists think that he was played by Putin and gave away too much. I don’t think he gave away anything, though I admit that this was not his finest performance on the public stage.

President Trump’s detractors conveniently forget that the Democratic Party has lead the way in kissing up to Communist dictators, starting with FDR’s policies in WWII. They forget that President Obama bowed and scraped his way around the world in his Apology Tour, or that he snuggled up to the Castro brothers in Cuba. They forget that Hillary Clinton directed a large part of our uranium holdings to Russia in exchange for a massive donation to the Clinton Foundation. Finally, they ignore the fact that the only Russian collusion happened when the DNC paid for a phony dossier based on falsehoods created by the Russians.

Anytime I hear the Democrats proclaiming that some action by President Trump is treasonous, I keep in mind that they are the party of treason and anti-Americanism.

Mike Phillips

Copperas Cove

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Could not agree more. The democrat party despises what this country stands for. They are the party of Karl Marx, they champion every perversion known to man, they support the illegal invasion of our country, they have destroyed our military.

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