To the Editor:

After reading the article in Wednesday’s KDH (Our Texas section, page A5) titled “Cove council hears plea from parent,” I feel compelled to add my “two cents.”

My family bought a piece of land off Summers Road in the early 1980s and built our home there in 1993. We have lived in this same home now for over 20 years. We have seen this area grow from a rural dairy farm where cows grazed by the fence every morning to a very populated urban area complete with many homes, houses, duplexes, apartments and traffic.

What used to be a nice quiet road has turned into a very busy city street. Cars speed without regard to posted speed signs and pass in no passing zones. Sidewalks (where they exist) are not used by pedestrians. Perhaps if there were sidewalks, people would use them and not become victims by being in the street.

It is very unfortunate that a young girl lost her life in this same vicinity. The area where the accident took place is at the end of Summers Road. It is very dark, the speed limit is high, and there are no usable sidewalks. Sidewalks were installed along Avenue B (FM 1113) a few years ago by the Texas Department of Transportation, but they do not extend as far as the Summers Road/Avenue B intersection.

The sidewalks that were installed don’t connect to the sidewalks which were existing. In many places there is a large gap of one or two feet where there is no sidewalk or the elevation is of such a different height that it would not be safe to walk on. These sidewalks are also not maintained by anyone.

There needs to be a traffic control device (traffic light) installed at the Summers Road/Avenue B intersection to help slow traffic in the area and to control the access to Summers Road and the streets going into the housing areas both to the west and east of Summers Road.

This is certainly not the only area that needs improvement. On Lutheran Church Road many of the same conditions exist.

Progress is great, but I think it also comes with a responsibility. The responsibility is to provide a safe environment to the people that are going to reside, work and play in the newly populated areas.

If the city of Copperas Cove (or anyone else for that matter) would like to have some citizen input concerning traffic or pedestrian safety please call me. I would be very willing to serve on a committee to look at some of the issues.

Jon Cella

Copperas Cove

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I would agree, but to add my two bits the City needs to look at the city as a whole, sidewalks are needed throughout the city, and new areas being built sidewalks should be part of the plans approved by the city. Copperas Cove keeps expanding from the core of the city but the City for family living makes it dangerous for its citizens to get to market. No sidewalks.

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